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Get Involved: Parks Open Space Trails - Citizen Scientists

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Citizen Scientists


In this program, volunteers will commit to regularly walking a 1/4 mile section of trail at Rogers Grove Nature Area (220 Hover St.) collecting species phenology data on either a paper form or on an mobile app. This trail will be one of many observation points tracking hundreds of species at locations nationwide. Additionally, the species we will be tracking will help our local City of Longmont Open Space team manage our local ecosystems more effectively. By monitoring a variety of important plant and animal species, we can learn more about how our Rogers Grove ecosystem functions as a whole.


Time Commitment:

The time commitment for this program is relatively low (and flexible). We ask that you join us for an initial phenology trail training where we will provide full instructions on how to collect data, and do a first round of data collection together as a group. From there, we ask you to walk the phenology trail to collect data a minimum of once per month, on your own schedule. Of course, if you are able to collect data more frequently -- even better! The more data we have, the more effective our monitoring work will be.