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Beaver Tree Painting - Help Protect Establishing Native Trees

 08/07/2019  |  09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  Golden Ponds Nature Area  |  Registration Required

Volunteer Opportunities - Ages 8+

This will be the second of two fun, family-friendly events! Ages 8+. Beavers provide important ecosystem services in our floodplains. They can be a big help creating and restoring wetlands. Sometimes though, we want to plant native trees to enhance and restore our urban floodplains but protect them from beavers so they can grow to provide a shaded creek corridor for fish and insects or stabilize a bank with their roots. Come help us apply special beaver protection paint to establishing native trees. Remember to wear old clothes because the paint does not wash out.

Minimum Participants: 15
Maximum Participants: 40

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Danielle Levine
(303) 651-8448
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Conor K - Restoration Crew

Nancy M - Restoration Crew